audition and repertoire workshops

Hi, I am Erkki Alste, the founder of several opera agencies, a former singer and singing teacher. During my last 25 years as an agent I have seen a big number of singers in competitions and auditions. Maybe 95% of those singers were not taken by the jury. Obviously, I started to think, what was it that made the 5% , who were actually chosen, better.

In last 7 years I have parallelly with my work as an agent organized some workshops with my friends, trying to help the young singers to audition better. No theoretical “mumbo jumbo”, just some practical tools, which gives you the keys to be more successful in the auditions.

The workshops support your individual vocal technique, artistry, knowledge of styles, language skills and stage presence. It will not completely change you, it will just make you a little better.

The 7th International Audition and Repertoire Workshop for Young Opera Singers will take place  in Berlin Kreuzberg on 3-7 August 2020. We will chose only 8 active participants in the beginning of their opera careers and need some training for diverse auditions (opera houses, competitions, agents).

This workshop will start on 3rd August at 11 o’clock with an audition, which simulates the real auditions. In the last audition on 7 August we will invite some of our international agent colleagues and opera directors, which will also give feedback and some hints for the participants.

The five days workshop provides daily plenty of individual and group lessons and all the participants have also right to hear each other. In addition, we will have sessions, where everybody will share their experiences about the audition situation. The workshop will cost 390€/person. and the official language will be English. If you have any questions or you want to apply to the workshop in writing Polina Bakanova in


Erkki Alste, (opera agent)
Ugo D’Orazio (coach)
Kirsi Tiihonen (opera singer)


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